Do you have an offline shop?

Yes we have! We are located in Rotterdam North and West! Tap Arzu North or Arzu West on your navigation and you will get there!

Do you want to work together?

We would like that. What do you have in mind? Let us know!

Do you give workshops?

We currently do not do that and probably never will. LOL.

Are you also going to open businesses in other cities?

We definitely want to do that! Stay tuned!

Can I make a reservation at Arzu?

No, you can’t. We use free walk-in at our locations. First come, first serve:)


Wat is a food bar?

An elongated piece of chocolate processed with homemade caramel, nuts, dried fruit and a delicious biscuit base. The ultimate guilty pleasure for those who love quality.

Are the products vegan?

Unfortunately, we are going to disappoint you. Not everything is vegan. Our food bars, for example. We do have enough other products that are vegan. Take a look around our online store.

Are the products gluten free?

Not everything is gluten-free. Check the product information on our online store.

How long can the foodbars be kept?

Do you keep them dry and dark? Then you can easily keep them for two months. To be very very sure, we advise 4 weeks.

Can I keep the food bars in the freezer?

If you want to keep them for a long time, you can choose to keep them in the freezer. Take them out of the freezer 3 hours before eating. Tip: cut them into small pieces before freezing them. Nice and easy for later!

To order

Can I place large orders?

You certainly can! Do you have a specific wish? Send us a message so that we can look together for a suitable solution.

I want to send multiple packages to various addresses. Is this possible?

This is also possible. With more than 10 packages you can send us a correctly completed CVS file. We will take care of the rest. p.s: send us a message so we can send the file to you.

Which countries do you ship?

Currently we only ship within the Netherlands and to Belgium and Germany. Hopefully more countries soon :)

I want to visit one of the offline stores. Do I have to pre-order?

Hop by whenever you want. Unless you're in a hurry, of course. Call us in advance, so that we can take the time to prepare everything for you.

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